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* Stop at all stop signs and make sure you stop in the correct position. Then pull out slowly after scanning the intersection

* Beware of school and playground zones

* Match your speed to the posted limited rather than speeding traffic.

* When the light is green, scan the intersection before driving thru

* While reversing your car, move your steering wheel accordingly and look around rather than only looking in the mirrors

* When approaching stop sign, reduce your speed gradually and make a final stop.

* When making a right turn, make sure you check your blind spot to the right to ensure if their are any cylist or pedestrian

* To make a lane change use the MBSB technique

* In traffic maintain a safe distance from other vehicle

* Adhere to all traffic signs, traffic lights and road markings

* When entering green traffic lights, cover your brake pedal

* Do not answer text message/SMS, phone calls or alarms on your mobile device while driving


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